Statistical physics is one of the most exciting areas of physics today. On one side, its fundamental principles are being drastically revised even after its long history of research. On the other side, it is giving rise to diverse applications beyond physics, such as chemistry, biology, data science, networks, and others. The present conference FSP2019 aims to provide a platform to present and discuss new ideas on foundations and applications of statistical physics and related fields. The conference will cover the following topics:

• Phase transitions
• Quantum and classical spin systems
• Nonequilibrium phenomena
• Quantum dynamics
• Fundamental aspects of statistical and quantum physics
• Computational methods including Monte Carlo methods and machine learning
• Approaches to interdisciplinary problems

Organizing committee:

  • Naomichi Hatano
  • Nobuyasu Ito
  • Naoki Kawashima
  • Hidetsugu Kitatani
  • Yusuke Konishi
  • Chihiro Matsui
  • Takashi Mori
  • Masamichi Nishino
  • Keiji Saito
  • Takashi Shimada
  • Tatsuhiko Shirai
  • Hidemaro Suwa
  • Masaki Takasu
  • Shu Tanaka
  • Synge Todo
  • Hiroko Tokoro
  • Satoshi Yukawa

Contact: fsp@exa.phys.s.u-tokyo.ac.jp

  • This conference is sponsored by ESICMM(The Elements Strategy Initiative Center for Magnetic Materials)