Fumihiro Ishikawa

  • Name : Fumihiro Ishikawa (Family Name = 石川 (Ishikawa), First Name = 文啓 (Fumihiro))
    • Elements of My Name : 石川 = 石 (stone) + 川 (river) , 文啓 = 文 (article?) + 啓 (enlighten)
  • Research activity
    • Keywords : Langevin Dynamics (Generalized Langevin Equation), Thermalization in classical systems, Materials Informatics, Statistical Physics
    • Programming Language : C++, Python
  • Character
    • Hobby : walking, photo, watching Anime, reading novels etc...
    • Favorite Musician : Oscar Peterson, Scott Joplin
    • Motto :
      • "You play with the cards you’re dealt …whatever that means." (Charles Monroe Schulz, "Peanuts")
      • "I believe that talent, first and foremost, is the ability to take a chance and to be calm enough to learn from mistakes."(Shigeru Sugie, "SHIROBAKO")

Nov/2018 @Kyu-Furukawa Gardens