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Novel Phenomena induced by Randomness and Quantum Fluctuations

By using the cutting-edge simulation techniques, e.g. the quantum Monte Carlo method, we elucidate novel quantum states, phase transitions, and critical phenomena in strongly correlated many-body system, such as quantum magnets and Bose-Hubbard systems. In addition, we develop new simulation techniques, such as the tensor network algorithm, for quantum many-body systems, and effective parallelization schemes for state-of-the-art large-scale supercomputer, such as the K computer, as well as open-source software for next-generation parallel simulation.


  • Randomness-Induced Phase Transitions in Quantum Magnets
  • Spin Gapped State and Topological Order in Low-Dimensional Quantum Antiferromagnets
  • Development of New Algorithms for Simulating Quantum Lattice Models