Publication List of Todo Group


  • RuQing G. Xu, Field G. Van Zee, Robert A. van de Geijn,
    GEMMFIP: Unifying GEMM in BLIS,
    preprint: arXiv:2302.08417.
  • Hidemaro Suwa,
    Reducing rejection exponentially improves Markov chain Monte Carlo sampling,
    preprint: arXiv:2208.03935.
  • Hidemaro Suwa,
    Lifted directed-worm algorithm,
    preprint: arXiv:2206.13881.
  • Taito Kutsuzawa, Synge Todo,
    Nested Iterative Shift-invert Diagonalization for Many-body Localization in the Random-field Heisenberg Chain,
    preprint: arXiv:2203.09732.
  • Masaki Gen, Hidemaro Suwa,
    Nematicity and fractional magnetization plateaus induced by spin-lattice coupling in the classical kagome-lattice Heisenberg antiferromagnet,
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  • Tsuyoshi Okubo, Naoki Kawashima,
    Possibility of a topological phase transition in two-dimensional frustrated Heisenberg spin systems,
    preprint: arXiv:2112.15053.
  • Yuichi Motoyama, Tsuyoshi Okubo, Kazuyoshi Yoshimi, Satoshi Morita, Takeo Kato, Naoki Kawashima,
    TeNeS: Tensor Network Solver for Quantum Lattice Systems,
    preprint: arXiv:2112.13184.
  • Ken M. Nakanishi, Takahiko Satoh, Synge Todo,
    Quantum-gate decomposer,
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  • Ruixiao Cao, Synge Todo,
    Fast-update in self-learning algorithm for continuous-time quantum Monte Carlo,
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  • Kentaro Heya, Ken M. Nakanishi, Kosuke Mitarai, Keisuke Fujii,
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  • Markus Wallerberger, Sergei Iskakov, Alexander Gaenko, Joseph Kleinhenz, Igor Krivenko, Ryan Levy, Jia Li, Hiroshi Shinaoka, Synge Todo, Tianran Chen, Xi Chen, James P. F. LeBlanc, Joseph E. Paki, Hanna Terletska, Matthias Troyer, Emanuel Gull,
    Updated Core Libraries of the ALPS Project,
    preprint: arXiv:1811.08331.
  • Hiroshi Watanabe, Satoshi Morita, Hajime Inaoka, Haruhiko Matsuo, Synge Todo, Nobuyasu Ito,
    245 Billion Updates/s on a Molecular Dynamics Simulation Involving Multiple Bubble Nuclei,
  • Hidemaro Suwa, Synge Todo,
    General Construction of Irreversible Kernel in Markov Chain Monte Carlo,
    preprint: arXiv:1207.0258.

Peer-Reviewed Articles

Conference Proceedings

Books / Commentaries / Reports

Doctoral Dissertations

  • Hayate Nakano,
    Study of Semiclassical Periodic Orbits in Kinetically Constrained Quantum Many-Body Systems (University of Tokyo, 2022).
  • Fumihiro Ishikawa,
    Exploration of Classical Integrable Systems Assisted by Neural Networks (University of Tokyo, 2021).
  • Daiki Adachi,
    High-accuracy tensor renormalization group algorithms and their applications (University of Tokyo, 2020).
  • Toshiki Horita,
    Critical Phenomena of the Ising Model with Non-Integer Effective Dimensions - a Monte Carlo Study (University of Tokyo, 2018).
  • Shinya Yasuda,
    Study of quantum criticality with strong space-time anisotropy by quantum Monte Carlo with stochastic optimization (University of Tokyo, 2016).
  • Yuichi Motoyama,
    Quantum Monte Carlo approach to the quantum phase transition in terms of the Berry phase in low-dimensional anitiferromagnets (University of Tokyo, 2014).
  • H. Suwa,
    Geometrically Constructed Markov Chain Monte Carlo Study of Quantum Spin-phonon Complex Systems (University of Tokyo, 2012).

Master Theses

  • Xun Zhao,
    Improved path-integral worm Monte Carlo method and its application to interacting bosons (University of Tokyo, 2022).
  • Taito Kutsuzawa,
    Large-scale sparse-matrix diagonalization study of many-body localization in disordered systems (University of Tokyo, 2022).
  • RuQing G. Xu,
    Differentiating Tensor Renormalization Group for Physical Quantities and Scaling Analysis (University of Tokyo, 2021).
  • Tomoyuki Morishita,
    Machine learning critical temperature of Ising model (University of Tokyo, 2021).
  • Cao Ruixiao,
    Numerical study of two-dimensional quantum dimer model (University of Tokyo, 2020).
  • Chihiro Kondo,
    Measurement of entanglement entropy by ground-state quantum Monte Carlo method (University of Tokyo, 2020).
  • Ken M. Nakanishi,
    Quantum-classical hybrid algorithm for estimating excited energies of quantum many-body systems (University of Tokyo, 2019).
  • Motoi Suzuki,
    Event-chain path-integral Monte Carlo and its application to novel quantum phase of Bosons (University of Tokyo, 2019).
  • Takuya Yamamoto,
    Tensor Network Renormalization for Non-uniform Classical Spin Systems (University of Tokyo, 2018).
  • Fumihiro Ishikawa,
    Nonergodicity and localized mode in a classical harmonic chain bath model (University of Tokyo, 2018).
  • Kai Shimagaki,
    Performance analysis of parameter inference using unsteady relaxation and application to inverse Ising problem (University of Tokyo, 2017).
  • Daiki Adachi,
    Combined optimization method using X-ray diffraction data and ab initio calculation (University of Tokyo, 2017).
  • Yasuaki Sakagawa,
    Search for novel quantum phase of He4 with continuous-space path-integral Monte Carlo (University of Tokyo, 2016).
  • Koichi Yanagisawa,
    Tensor network study of two-dimensional frustrated quantum spin model (University of Tokyo, 2015).
  • Toshiki Horita,
    Critical exponents and universality class of Ising model with long range interactions (University of Tokyo, 2014).
  • S. Yasuda,
    Numerical Analysis of Quantum Phase Transitions with Dynamic Control of Anisotropy (University of Tokyo, 2013).
  • Y. Motoyama,
    Quantum cluster Monte Carlo method for the ground state of frustrated spin systems (University of Tokyo, 2011).
  • R. Kanai,
    Quantum Monte Carlo Study of Entanglement Entropy (University of Tokyo, 2011).
  • H. Suwa,
    Quantum Monte Carlo Method for Particle Number Non-Conserved Systems and Application to Spin-Peierls Systems (University of Tokyo, 2009).
  • K. Fukui,
    O(N) Monte Carlo Method for Spin Systems with Long-range Interaction (University of Tokyo, 2008).
  • A. Shibasaki,
    擬一次元量子反強磁性体における鎖間相互作用の効果の数値的研究 (東京大学, 2007).