(May 2019. From left: Yamamoto, Ishikawa, Nakano, Ahn, Adachi, Kondo, Todo, Suwa, Morishita, Okubo, Cao, Maruyama)

Photo Gallery

  • Group photo (May 2018)


  • Group photo (Apr. 2017)


Former Members

  • Akira Shibasaki (Apr. 2005-Mar. 2007: Master Course)
    • Master Thesis: "Computational study on effects of interchain interaction in quasi-1D quantum antiferromagnets" (in Japanese)
  • Kouki Fukui (Apr. 2006-Mar. 2008: Master Course)
    • Master Thesis: "O(N) Monte Carlo Method for Spin Systems with Long-range Interaction"
  • Hirofumi Nakagawasai (Dec. 2008-Mar. 2009: Project Researcher)
  • William Nicolazzi (May 2009-Nov. 2009: Project Researcher)
  • Ryuichi Kanai (Apr. 2008-Mar. 2011: Master Course)
    • Master Thesis: "Quantum Monte Carlo Study of Entanglement Entropy"
  • Haruhiko Matsuo (Apr. 2008-Mar. 2012: Project Researcher)
  • Yuichi Motoyama (Apr. 2009-Mar. 2014: Master/Doctor Course) (present: ISSP)
    • Master Thesis: "Quantum cluster Monte Carlo method for the ground state of frustrated spin systems"
    • Doctor Thesis: "Quantum Monte Carlo approach to the quantum phase transition in low-dimensional antiferromagnets in terms of the Berry phase"
  • Koichi Yanagisawa (Apr. 2013-Mar. 2015: Master Course)
    • Master Thesis: "Tensor network study of two-dimensional frustrated quantum spin model"
  • Ryo Igarashi (Apr. 2012-Mar. 2013: Research Assistant, Apr. 2013-Jan. 2016: Project Researcher)
  • Tatsuya Sakashita (Apr. 2012-Mar. 2016: Project Researcher) (present: Osaka University)
  • Shinya Yasuda (Apr. 2011-Mar. 2016: Master/Doctor Course)
    • Master Thesis: "Numerical Analysis of Quantum Phase Transitions with Dynamic Control of Anisotropy"
    • Doctor Thesis: "Study of quantum criticality with strong space-time anisotropy by quantum Monte Carlo with stochastic optimization"
  • Yasuaki Sakagawa (Apr. 2014-Mar. 2016: Master Course)
    • Master Thesis: "Search for novel quantum phase of He4 with continuous-space path-integral Monte Carlo"
  • Alexander Wietek (Sep. 2016-Mar. 2017: Visiting Researcher (Graduate Student))
  • Toshiki Horita (Apr. 2012-Mar. 2018: Master/Doctor Course)
    • Master Thesis: "Critical exponents and universality class of Ising model with long range interactions"
    • Doctor Thesis: "Critical Phenomena of the Ising Model with Non-Integer Effective Dimensions - a Monte Carlo Study"
  • Kai Shimagaki (Apr. 2015-Aug. 2018: Master/Doctor Course)
    • Master Thesis: "Performance analysis of parameter inference using unsteady relaxation and application to inverse Ising problem"
  • Tatsuhiko Shirai (Jan. 2017-Mar. 2019: Project Researcher) (present: Waseda Univ.)
  • Motoi Suzuki (Apr. 2017-Mar. 2019: Master Course)
    • Master Thesis: "Event-chain path-integral Monte Carlo and its application to novel quantum phase of Bosons"
  • Byung-Guk Ahn (Sep. 2018-July 2019: Research Student)
  • Takashi Ishii (Apr. 2019-Jan. 2020: Project Researcher) (present: RIKEN)
  • Daiki Adachi (Apr. 2015-Mar. 2020: Master/Doctor Course)
    • Master Thesis: "Combined optimization method using X-ray diffraction data and ab initio calculation"
    • Doctor Thesis: "High-accuracy tensor renormalization group algorithms and their applications"
  • Ken Nakanishi (Apr. 2017-Mar. 2021: Master/Doctor Course) (present: IPI)
    • Master Thesis: "Quantum-classical hybrid algorithm for estimating excited energies of quantum many-body systems"
  • Fumihiro Ishikawa (Apr. 2016-Mar. 2021: Master/Doctor Course)
    • Master Thesis: "Nonergodicity and localized mode in a classical harmonic chain bath model"
    • Doctor Thesis: "Exploration of Classical Integrable Systems Assisted by Neural Networks"
  • Tomoyuki Morishita (Apr. 2019-Mar. 2021: Master Course)
    • Master Thesis: "Machine learning critical temperature of Ising model"
  • Yoshiki Maruyama (Apr. 2019-Sep. 2021: Master Course)
  • Hayate Nakano (Apr. 2019-Mar. 2022: Doctor Course)
    • Doctor Thesis: "Study of Semiclassical Periodic Orbits in Kinetically Constrained Quantum Many-Body Systems"
  • Chihiro Kondo (Apr. 2018-Mar. 2022: Master/Doctor Course)
    • Master Thesis: "Measurement of entanglement entropy by ground-state quantum Monte Carlo method"
  • Taito Kutsuzawa (Apr. 2020-Mar. 2022: Master Course)
    • Master Thesis: "Large-scale sparse-matrix diagonalization study of many-body localization in disordered systems"
  • Takuya Yamamoto (Apr. 2016-Mar. 2023: Master/Doctor Course)
    • Master Thesis: "Tensor Network Renormalization for Non-uniform Classical Spin Systems"
  • Ruixiao Cao (Oct. 2018-Sep. 2023: Master/Doctor Course)
    • Master Thesis: "Numerical study of two-dimensional quantum dimer model"
    • Doctor Thesis: "Improvement of numerical algorithm for quantum dimer models"