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Computational Exploration of Quantum Many-body Phenomena

By solving the many-body Schrödinger equation and finding the partition function in statistical mechanics, one can know the state of matter. However, even with modern supercomputers' computing power, finding the exact solution is still impossible. It is crucial in computational physics to re-express the simulation in a simple form without losing the essential physical properties, such as symmetries and quantum correlations.

In our research group, we make full use of sampling techniques such as the Monte Carlo method, expression of quantum fluctuations based on the path integrals, information compression by singular-value decomposition and tensor network, statistical machine learning, etc. We aim to elucidate the states of matter, phase transition phenomena, and dynamics of various quantum many-body systems, from quantum spin systems to real materials. Furthermore, we study the theory of quantum computers and quantum machine learning algorithms and develop and publish open-source software for next-generation simulations.


Research Highlights