TIAかけはし ポスター交流会2018 ー計算と計測のデータ同化による革新的物質材料解析手法の調査ー

S.Todo, "Materials Science Simulation by using MateriApps LIVE!"
  • TIAかけはし ポスター交流会2018 ー計算と計測のデータ同化による革新的物質材料解析手法の調査ー
  • 2018-12-03T13:00:00+09:00
  • 2018-12-03T17:00:00+09:00
  • S.Todo, "Materials Science Simulation by using MateriApps LIVE!"
  • いつ 2018年12月03日13時00分から17時00分までのイベント (Asia/Tokyo / UTC900)
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We investigated a scheme to analyze the material data output from advanced experimental apparatuses by the cooperation between simulation methods and data scientific methods. As a result, we decided to further introduce and disseminate our methods to industries and experimentalists. We will hereby get feedback and aim to construct a mechanism to continue development of simulation and analysis methods to solve new problems in materials science.